Jul 4, 2006

Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge, Mountain, Ledge... whatever it's really called, is the large mountain on the south side of I-90 between exits 27 and 32. Rattlesnake Trail is an 11 mile long trail, one way, between the old Snoqualmie Winery off exit 27 and Rattlesnake Lake off exit 32.

We have yet to take on Rattlesnake Mountain - Amy and I are waiting for a time when we can tackle this ourselves. However, we have started from the Winery and trekked up a couple miles to the first great viewpoint (shown in the pictures below). This is a fun hike, taking one through different types of forest (dense to sparse, wet to dry, dirt to rock). There's even a nice stream along the way ripe with water suitable for refilling your water bottle. Not sure of the elevation change, but I venture its 800-1000 feet to the first viewpoint.

When we finally get the opportunity to tackle this end-to-end, I'll post the details and the pics.

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