Jul 15, 2006

Gold Creek

Gold Creek is "in" Snoqualmie Pass, just east of the Summit. While I-90 was being built it served as a huge gravel pit. In 1983, after the gravel was used up, the state turned it into a nice park nestled between the highest peaks in Snoqualmie Pass.

Gold Creek has two parts: the trail and the pond. We did not take the trail tonight, but we plan to someday. The pond has a paved trail a mile long that loops it, has a creek that runs by it, is surrounded by beautiful views, and has about a dozen picnic tables in a nice, spacious picnic area on the south side of the pond.

Very family friendly, no elevation gains at the pond. Not a hike, but more of a leisurely stroll. Would like to come back near winter time to see how the snow-covered mountains look up close.

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