Jul 4, 2006

Franklin Falls

Franklin Falls is located close to the Summit of Snoqualmie Pass, and is actually situated between the west- and east-bound lanes of I-90. We did not take the 2 mile round trip hike today, instead we chose to park close to the falls, grab a cache and head to the falls.

I can see why this generates so much discussion. Gorgeous falls, and being at the bottom of the falls is always more fun and impressive than being at the top (although hiking to the top is definitely fun). The extra snowfall this past winter has resulted in a significant, noticable increase in water flowing from the Cascades, and Franklin Falls apparently is no different.

The trails are well groomed and run along the river that flows out from the falls. Once you are within a couple hundred feet of the base of the falls, the trail turns into a narrow rock path between a rock wall and the riverbed below. Today, the path was slippery, and due to the shortness of the hike Amy and I both left our hiking boots in the car and just had tennis shoes on. Made us a little nervous and a little extra careful.

When we got to the base, there really was no area to sit down, and the water seemed pretty deep, so we weren't comfortable having the kids wade in there. We didn't stick around long (neither did the family that was hiking just ahead of us). This was our first time here, so I assume that normally there is more area to enjoy due to less water.

We will definitely be back, both to hike the regular trail as well as enjoy the base of the falls.

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