Jul 4, 2006

Tiger Mountain - Tradition Lake

Tiger Mountain is the ominous mountain just beyond Issaquah as you head east on I-90 from Seattle. Home to a number of hiking trails, it has a nice, level set of trails on the west side of the park that are family friendly. Circling Tradition Lake, these trails give kids plenty to do. There's even a rusted out school bus just off, what else, "Bus Trail." So far, this has been our favorite hiking for the kids.

To get there, take I-90 to exit 20. The entrance to the trailhead is on the south side of the expressway. Turn right into the entrance, and head up to the parking lot next to the trailhead. Tiger Mountain is usually busy on weekends; on more than one occasion the lot has been full.

It occurs to me that while these trails are great for family exercise and interesting the kids... we have no pictures despite several visits! Will have to make sure we get some next time we are there.

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