May 12, 2007

Hiking Little Si

Our first hike of the year was Little Si today. We tried to do this about a month ago, and were turned back simply because of lack of parking! This morning we fared a little better, finding parking down the road from the main parking lot.

It was a nice day today for a hike - a little hazy, some clouds, and a little chilly when the breeze hit, but for Seattle weather I'll take it.

Little Si is a 5 mile round trip, 1500 foot elevation gain hike that takes you to the top of Little Si, Mount Si's little brother to the south. There is a large dose of rocks on the trail. When you're not climbing rocks directly the trail is about 50/50 rock and dirt. Makes it fun for the kids who imagine themselves rock climbing.

Serious rock climbers will veer off the trail about a mile in, and scale the northeast wall of Little Si. Hikers continue around to the west side of Little Si and make their way up.

Those that make it to the top are treating to wonderful views of Mount Si as well as expansive views of Snoqualmie Valley, especially Rattlesnake Mountain, Cedar Butte, and Mount Washington.

This is a family friendly hike. Our six year old has done this twice now, without a problem, and our two year old scrambled most of the way up the initial trail up and walked halfway down before peetering out.

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