Mar 20, 2007

Tolt McDonald Park

Been a while since I posted something. Not that I haven't been enjoying the Snoqualmie Valley and Cascades, but I just haven't done much "new" in a while. I changed that today by taking my mountain bike to the Tolt McDonald Park in Southwestern Carnation (formerly Tolt). Carnation is on the north side of the valley, a small town east of Redmond. Actually, given its proximity to Redmond and the lack of space to build homes here on the east side, I'm surprised Carnation is still a small town.

Anyway, I've heard that Told McDonald had the best mountain biking in the area. I'm not an expert, so I can't compare, but I had a blast this afternoon. Long, winding, bouncing, switchbacking trails made for some white knuckles and a fun afternoon, despite the cold and the rain.

You can access the park off 203 - turn west at the signs for the park, just south of downtown Carnation. Take the road all the way to the end, park, and take your bike across the bridge. Head up the hill, and you'll find a few trails in the area. I didn't take them all, obviously, and a few of them were obstructed with downed trees.

The trails are suitable for hiking as well, and I will bring the family back someday. There are also a number of caches in the area. I found the one that was on the trail I was taking. :)

I highly recommend this park. I didn't see anyone out today, but I assume that was due to the weather and it being a weekday.

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