Jul 4, 2009

Ira Spring Trail, Pratt and Ollalie lake trailhead, and USFS 9030 and 9031

Just a quick forest road note: USFS 9030 is closed, preventing access to the Ollalie and Pratt Trail (I think that's trail 1039... might be 1038). And, USFS 9031 is in really bad shape. I got my little Audi through a couple areas due to the narrow width of my car, but had to turn back due to lack of clearance once I got close to the Ira Spring Trailhead. Not saying its impassable, but I certainly couldn't get through.


Root_Beer said...

Ya the road leading to the Ira Spring Trail has a couple horrible washouts. If you can get your past the narrow road there is a large washout that only a raised 4 by 4 could clear. But you can just park the car at the washout and the trail head is just around the bend.

Root_Beer said...
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Shaun McGowan said...

What awesome views - hiking there looks amazing!