Sep 30, 2006

Another Snoqualmie Valley Trail hike

This was a short hike with my two sons (ages 1.5 and 5) simply enjoying the trail between the Snoqualmie trailhead and the Tokul Creek bridge. On a fall day, with the leaves turning color but still on trees, this was simply an awesome walk. We wandered on some nicely groomed side trails today, and didn't realize there were as many side trails that lead to side trails that lead to side trails. Many a choice, and even though the trailhead to the bridge only measures a half a mile, we spent three hours exploring the side trails. The boys had a lot of fun, and every junction turned into a five minute debate on where to go.

As for Tokul Creek, we took the time to enjoy the views today (last time I was on my bike and didn't really take time to appreciate where we were). We walked to the center, dead above the creek below, and checked out the view from both sides of the bridge. Unbelievable. The creek runs through a gorgeous assortment of rocks and trees about 150 feet below the bridge, and the way the bridge is constructed you literally can look straight down (they have a gap between the walkway and fence). Definitely not for those afraid of heights, but I'm not sure I've seen a better view in the valley. Time of year had an impact for sure.

I highly recommend this trail between Snoqualmie and Fall City. Just amazing how it winds through the hills. Oh yeah, a warning... the Snoqualmie Valley Gun Club is below the trail in the valley, so hearing LOUD gunfire is normal :)

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